Thunderstruck start

by Torden Dar

            Josi put one leg and then the other out the window.  It had come to this.  She was climbing out the bathroom window rather than make another lame excuse to end another lame date with another lame guy.  Tonight, he had gone too far, and she didn’t have the energy to be diplomatic.  Josi was out of patience with him, out of patience with her dating life, and out of patience with the world.  She needed to get out, now.

            Inside her purse, Josi’s cell phone played a happy jingle.  Great timing.  Josi sucked in a breath and answered.  “I’m a little busy at the moment, Rafe.”

            Her friend’s deep voice responded, “Ah, things are going well.  You don’t need your escape call.  I’ll let you get back to getting busy.”

            Josi grimaced.  “It is so not going well.  You won’t believe what he said to me.  I don’t need an escape call because I am already escaping.  Out the bathroom window.”

            Rafe sighed.  “You punched him, didn’t you?”

            Josi snorted.  “He certainly deserved it, but it’s better just to make a quick escape.”

            “Punching him is better.”

            “I’m not going to punch him.”  Josi sighed.  “He’s an ass, but I’m too tired to fight and too tired to say goodnight like a lady.  I just wanted a human connection, not a leering troll.  Is that too much to ask?”  The words came tumbling out.  “All he wanted was a plaything with an empty head.  The only opinion he wanted me to have was how amazing he was.  I’m tired of stroking men’s egos and holding back who I really am.  I’m tired of men who are threatened when I have an opinion.”  Her eyes filled with tears.  “I can’t keep going out on dates, getting my hopes up, only to end up back home burying my sorrows in ice cream.  I can’t keep kissing frogs looking for a prince, because it’s just been too many frogs.”  Her voice cracked.  “I can’t take it anymore.  I just want a guy who thinks I’m wonderful, but what I got was him.”

            “It will get better.  Just get home safely.  Maybe use the door instead of a window.”

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